Tenuta Belmonte

Filiberto Belmonte

Who I am

My name is Filiberto Belmonte, I was born in Altomonte, my company is located in Contrada Montino di Altomonte.

The Monte is my destiny, my life is a continuous challenge: climbing the steep way and never stop to conquer the next pinnacle.

I’ve been an emigrant to learn art, but I soon came back to give a contribution to my mountains.

I’ve created stores and enterprises by myself, without helps or money favoritism but only with the strength of ideas and the will to win.

I conquered success, but I live the contradiction of farmer’s tradition and the industrial age.

To save my identity and to free myself of the stress accumulated with a frenzied entrepreneurial activity, I divide myself into these two ages, and I go back to be a farmer in Montino everytime I can, because if trade can give you success and profits, the earth rewards you and never betray.

I grow walnut trees, noble and beautiful plants who were disappearing from our agricultural panorama, to challenge the legend that says that who grows this tree dies whenever the log reach the dimension of the farmer’s head.